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No (Office) Work Allowed

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Fall arrived in Western Washington this week. Seeing beautiful weather in the forecast, we realized it was probably our last week for fair weather boat projects. Since both of our employers have us on mandatory telework, we decided to make the most of it and telework from the boat so that we could use non-work time to get non-work stuff done.

One thing is for sure: when we retire and live aboard, no office work will be in our future.

All the computer brickabrack took over the saloon. The boat was a mess. Someone worked on office work way too much and how many boat projects got done? Only the one that John did.

But there were beautiful sunrises and sunsets, seals were our coworkers, and it was a lot of fun to take zoom calls from the cockpit with Hood Canal as the backdrop. One of those calls was to announce my office's updated telework policy. It was not lost in some participants that it seemed I was taking telework to the extreme on a sailboat.

Now it is Saturday morning and the forecast is sunny and 77°. It is a perfect day for a sail on Dabob Bay. Unfortunately, we have a week's worth of boat chores to do. Oh well, it's sunny and always fun to work with my sweet John--just not the office work, please.

Gatsby is a boat dog this week

Seals sunning themselves on this clear day

This is no place for computers

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