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Bluewater Karma

Whatever your Karma, find her and go

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This is where the story begins and ends.  We will journal our adventures, locations visited, passages accomplished, and new friends found in this area.


Let us show you Karma, through text and photographs.

Baba Overhead View_edited.jpg


Owning a boat has responsibilities, the least of which is to keep it afloat.  Our adventures may lead us across oceans so we will be working on several improvements to Karma to help us succeed.


We will be cataloguing all the things we witness in this section.  We hope to at least photograph the flowers, plants, and animals that we run into on our adventure.



Every good boat needs crew to love and take care of her.  Then there are those we meet on our travels, people we think you should know too!

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The map below shows where Karma is and has been on her journey.  Her location is pinged out every 1 hour or so.  If we manage to get some great photos, you can view them from this map.

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About Us

John Foster & Rochelle LaRose

John was mostly in tech, a vendor at Microsoft and later a software developer with Washington State DSHS.  Rochelle always worked for the state, first at DSHS then at the Attorney General. 

This dream of traveling the world by boat started in late 2018, before we ever heard the word Covid.  But, if anything has taught our civilization about life, it was Covid.  If you don't take control of your life and make things happen - you may never get the chance. 

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